Friday, May 22, 2009


These are all words that have become music to my ears since I started trying to "improve" my spending!

If you are like me, you see things better as numbers, especially when you can translate those dollars into things:

Yes, that sample of toothpaste will only last a few brushes! If you value that at $0.50- and you get a sample a day worth that - you have an extra $182 at the end of the year!
That's at least a few nice meals out!

Sure that coupon is only worth $1 - but if you save $10 a week in coupons, that's $520 a year! That could help fund your family vacation!

And my favorite...FREE. For example, let's say that you get all the free things in my post below, and we will value it at $15 (between freebies and samples). If you could keep that up each week, that's $780 a year!

So let's say you implement all these things...samples, coupons, and FREE...that's $1,482 a year - almost $1,500 that you could have in the bank - or to HIT your debt with!

Do I have your attention now....??
Check back frequently - I will add new freebies, coupons, samples, and tips all the time!
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  1. Great Freebies!!! Keep it up.