Friday, May 29, 2009

WANT MORE COUPONS?! (see UNDER $1, and CHEAP sections below)

*FREE KRAFT B-BQ SAUCE (make 2 cents on each bottle!)
*EASY MAC CUPS – 2 for $0.78
*BAGELFULS – 4 for $0.88
(all coupon information in sections below)

There is a limit when you print them off on – BUT…
You can get MORE of them by: Typing Kraft Foods in the search engine at the top of the page. Click on the first link ( – then click on Coupons at the top of the page – it will ask you to register your email address, but then it will open up with all the Kraft Coupons and let you print them again!

ALSO – you can get more coupons IF you get on a different computer, type in Coupons in the search engine above, and click on the first link ( Print another batch of great coupons!

Print ALL the coupons for ALL the items that you use – even the ones you don’t need RIGHT NOW. Coupon matching is an art – coupons are good sometimes for 2-3 months – but are only offered to GET for a short period of time. Go ahead and print them now, you may see that item on SALE in a few weeks, or may be in need of that item before the coupon expires!

That individuals in the military can use your manufacturer’s coupons up to 6 MONTHS after they expire?! Check at your local church to see if they are collecting for them, or type Expired Coupons for Military in the search engine box at the top of the page for more information

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