Thursday, May 21, 2009


"Duh"...That was my first thought when I actually got this concept. THINK BEFORE YOU SPEND. Not just think about WHAT you are buying, but the difference between WANTING and NEEDING something. It is a simple, common-sense concept, but hard to do when you are trained to 'pull out the plastic'.

Sure that shirt is ADORABLE... don't you have one like it in your closet? Yes, it's on sale for $20! you want to go $20 more into debt (or $20 less OUT of debt) for it? Yes, of course you NEED the latest electronic gadget...or do you?

STEP 1 to Stretching YOUR Dollar (yes, that's right, YOU worked for it!) is Thinking Before You Spend...

*This issue is a mindset, and you must get the right mindset before you can take action!*

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